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Morelia spilota 88% Jungle Jaguar 

After beautiful parents: yellow female 75% JJ reduced pattern and pure german line cheynei from precision reptiles

BORN: CB 06/2016
PRICE: 140e
SEX: 1.0


Rhadinophis prasinus (Vietnam – Tam Dao national park)

Hatchlings after beautiful parents with blue eyes. Right now they eat ONLY LIVE MOUSE PINKIES (please don’t buy them if you don’t have source of those).

BORN: CB 07/2016
PRICE: sold
SEX: 1.1

Elaphe carinata

Healthy hatchlings (weight about 35gram) , from really big eggs. After two meals of defrosted medium mouse babies. Photos of parents in gallery „My Snakes”.

BORN: 05/2016
PRICE: sold

Oreocryptophis porphyraceus laticinctus

After two meals of live mouse pinkie.

BORN: 07/2016
PRICE: sold
SEX: 0.0
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